♪1.♪ Dizzy

I was sure of that I can’t live without you

You were my muse, and I adored you

If you’re gone, my heart stop with shock, I thought

But what’s going on?

I’m here as if nothing had happened

I waited for a while, nothing happened

*My heart beat tells frustrating like an alarm bell
 Ding-ding ding-ding

 I’m so confused and got a headache

 Banging banging

 A view is round and round

 Dizzy dizzy

**Is my love a fake? Regrets on days with you

  I could something for you more

  I feel empty love in such an idea

  Why why why do I like this?

Someone say you could prepare in somehow

No way no way

Sometimes I thought there’s no moment like that

Sometimes I prepared to stop my time,

If the time come

But see it

With no space to fill, I’m here now

Once again. Check. I knew it.


Ding-ding ding-ding

Banging banging

Dizzy dizzy

I realized as a waking from magic

“ I don’t have the right to love. “

If I did that, if I did it,

But did they really make you happy?

Ah, I don’t understand anymore!

Got it, I didn’t have the right to love

I haven’t been had any space to fill in from the first

I’m just a mechanical-doll.

Ding-ding ding-ding

Banging banging

Dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy

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