3. Wednesday : Falling into the dark

EXT. Dark street-Night

Yunhyeong stands on the street. He look up the sky. Donghyuk stand next to Yunhyeong.

 Yunhyeong :
we met again.

Donghyuk :

Yunhyeong :
Is he here?

Donghyuk :

Yunhyeong :
hmm.. well I gotta go.

Yunhyeong go to somewhere and stop the steps.

 Yunhyeong :
By the way, what was that?
Now you dropped.

Donghyuk :
Just a flower ball.

Donghyuk sit down on the dark side.
Yunhyeong look at the way flower ball went. He approach to it, and Junhoe just also do.
Junhoe look at Yunhyeong.

 Junhoe :
Oh..you dropped the flower ball?

Yunhyeong :
just like that..

Junhoe catch the ball. The ball is almost broken and colored with something red.

 Junhoe :
Is.. this yours?

Yunhyeong take the ball.

 Yunhyeong :

Junhoe :
um..i heard that it’s a miracle ball.

Yunhyeong :
Miracle ball…

Junhoe :
Do you know something about it?

Yunhyeong :
No. I don’t believe like that.

Junhoe :
ahh.. it’s..

Yunhyeong begin to walk.

 Junhoe :
wait, please! I want to..

Yunhyeong look at Junhoe.

 Yunhyeong :
Shut up.

Junhoe :
I just..

Yunhyeong glare at Junhoe.

 Yunhyeong :
You just watch anytime, anytime!
On that time..!

 Junhoe :

Yunhyeong grabbed Junhoe by the collar.

 Junhoe :
w.. wh.. you might be wrong.. person…

Yunhyeong released his hold.

 Yunhyeong :
I gotta go, or leave me.

Junhoe :
… sorry…I, I gotta go!!

Junhoe leave the corner on the street in a hurry. Junhoe run away to the street.
Junhoe passed Jinhwan. Jinhwan is humming the melody of “almost blue Monday “.
But Junhoe don’t notice.

♪3.♪  (Yunhyeong, Jinhwan, Donghyuk)

EXT. Dark street-Night
Yunhyeong stands on the dark street. He has a broken flower ball. He look at the ball.
Yunhyeong hold his head with a hand. He looks very sad.
Yunhyeong look up the sky, and look at the moon. He close eyes, and tried to smile.
Yunhyeong can’t smile, and then begin to cry silently. His tear dropped on the ground.
Jinhwan walking a street slowly. Jinhwan stop and look up the sky.
Jinhwan’s face has no feeling. He raise his hand and cover his face from moon light.
Yunhyeong hold a flower ball strongly. The ball hurts his hand. Blood dropped.
Yunhyeong is closing his eyes, and open them. He look at his hand with blood.
Yunhyeong drop the ball, and stare at his hand with blood front of his eyes.
Yunhyeong clench his hand with blood. He touch his mouth with the fist, and cry.
Jinhwan sit down on the box on the street. Jinhwan look at his hands.
Jinhwan has a big knife on his hand. It shine with moon light.
Donghyuk is sitting on steps on the dark street. Donghyuk look at Yunhyeong is crying.
Donghyuk looks sadly. Donghyuk continue to look at Yunhyeong is crying.
Donghyuk just look Yunhyeong gently.
Yunhyeong tried to stop crying. A flower ball is near his shoes.

3. -end-

EXT. Darkstreet-Night

Yunhyeong stands on the street.

 Yunhyeong :
you just have to do like that..

Yunhyeong break down on the wall slowly.

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