00. settings (Repeat.)

You’ll get a special weeks here.



I repeat the past to help you…
following the memory, it hurts inside
but for the next regeneration.


Ken : ” a man go back to the past “
Girlfriend died, and then he got the power to the past.
What’s the way to save her?

Ravi : ” a man has a mystery “
He suddenly appear, and tell about the key.
He memory everything, and link to the hope.

N : ” a man as a guide “
He round in the time.
From the past, now, and for the future. Where will he go the next?

Hyuk : ” a man has a promise “
He tell about the story of happy memory.
Guilty and responsibility are what make him move.

Hongbin : ” a man in despair “
Under the moon, he continue screaming.
He just count the time until the world ends.

Leo : ” a man as a killer “
In dark side, he wait the time to kill.
Night, he’s looking for the partner go to hell.

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