2. Tuesday : Key to connect

INT. Flower shop-Evening

A broken flower ball on the shelf. N look at it.

 N :
Past, future, where are we going now?

♪2.♪  Trapped in twilight(Hyuk,Ken,N)

INT. Ken’s room-Night

Ken look at a box of flower ball at Ken’s room.

INT. Café-Night

Hyuk writing something at Café. N sit on the another seat.

INT. Ken’s happy memory-White light

Woman’s long hair waves with the wind. Hyuk hold her from behind.
She put her hand on Hyuk’s hand. They swing their body and round slowly.
Woman smile. Hyuk smile. They laugh each other.
Hyuk laugh with a woman on the sofa. He looks so happy.
A woman put hand on Hyuk’s heart. Hyuk look at his hand and after that look at her gently.
Hyuk hold her hand. Hyuk and a woman smile.
Focus to flower ball. Hyuk’s face. Ken’s face.
Hyuk and Ken approach to the ball and touch it slowly. They look at each other.
Hyuk is sitting and touch a woman’s cheek, and then he touch her hair.
A woman touch his hand softly. Hyuk look at it and smile softly.
Hyuk hold her hand and smile softly.
A woman stand and walk away quickly. Hyuk still hold her hand and smile.
Hyuk also stand and pull her body. Hyuk hold her with smile.
Hyuk’s side face. Ken’s side face. Ken look at Hyuk slowly.
Ken tried to touch Hyuk, but can’t touch.
Flower (California poppy) dropped. N’s hand scoop a part of flower.
N is looking at Hyuk and a woman with having flower.
Hyuk and a woman sit on the chair, and there are some stuffs around them.
Hyuk and a woman are talking happily.
Focus to N. N have a flower (golden bells) and bring it to front of his mouth.
Golden bells on Ken’s clothes. Ken sat and pick up a photo flame on his room.
Ken smile look at it sadly. Ken look at a part of photo.
Ken look at a flower ball over the photo. In a photo, there is a flower ball that a woman has.
(woman’s face isn’t appeared.)

2. -end-

INT. Ken’s room-Night

Ken look at a photo carefully. Ken look at a flower ball on the room again.

 Ken :
It’s the same…what’s going on?

INT. Café-Night

Hyuk stop writing, and talk to N.

 Hyuk :
Miracle ball…miracle happens this time?

N :
I don’t know.

Hyuk :
I told about promise with her in many ways everytime.
I think he something changed this time.
Can he prepare to go? How do you think so?

N :
Never know.

Hyuk :
Hmm…I can do this time.

N stand up.

 Hyuk :
You go to him?

N :
Yes. The time is near.

Hyuk :
I know…I have a guilty to them the most…

N :
See you.

Hyuk :
See you.

N leave.

EXT. Out of building-NIGHT

Ken go out his room. Ken find Ravi at the door.

 Ken :
Oh! I’m just looking for you! See! I may got the key! This one!

Ken show a flower ball box to Ravi.

 Ravi :
What’s the box?

Ken :
It’s the same one! In my photo, she had this!
Why didn’t I notice it? Or is it some kind of message??

Ravi :
How did you get this? Is this yours?

Ken :
Um..actually it’s not mine.

Ravi :
You steel it?

Ken :
No way! He forgot it! Man on that café where I met with you!

Ravi :
I think he’s looking for it.

Ken :
Ah! ..he said he use this on his date!! ..Oh, oh and he may know something..
Well, anyway I gotta go! Can you come with me?

Ravi :

Ken :
…OK! See you!

Ken run to the street.

EXT. Street-Night

The café was closed. Ken sigh. Ken suddenly look up his face.

 Ken :
Oh! How about that flower shop?

Ken walk to the flower shop. The shop was also closed.

Ken :
Ahhh…I thought I got the key, though..

A sound. A flower ball was dropped on the ground over the street.
The ball roll to the corner of building on the dark street.
Ken look at this.

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