♪5.♪ Intoxicate

In terrible dizzy, I keep killing everything

Including me, you, and painful memory

With only doing this, I can feel you close to me

I keep intoxicating just like that

*The way to go, darkness

  But look here, already darkness

  Look back, I can see a soft light

  If I shut in, everything go into in the dark

  See, if you’re here or not, it seems everything has no difference

  I can feel you unseen in the darkness

**the truth for me is the only your words

    Please say something

    You in my memory keep silence

    with just embarrassed smile

the light has been already going out of my eyes

I know, that I just try not to see

I hide myself in me, and I give myself to you in my memory

It’s so comfortable


The truth that I know again knock out myself

I don’t want to know more than this

Could it be the sequel was caused by me?

Could it be the sequel disappoint you?

No, I don’t want to think about


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