5. Friday : the time of truth

EXT. Stereet (Ken’s memory)-Night

Hyuk walk the street with a woman. They looks happy.

 N :
He’s a part of your memory, the happiest memory.
He was just a memory.

Hyuk and a woman suddenly got a car accident.

 N :
You was shocked by the accident, and you cut off every memory from yourself.

Hyuk try to save a woman, but he can’t.

 N :
You were afraid to know the real, and the memory got a personality.

Hyuk can understand a woman will die soon. Hongbin appear behind Hyuk.

 N :
So does he. And the only despair was cut off.

Hongbin scream and cry.
A woman said something to Hyuk. Hyuk agree with her and look down.
Hongbin touch a woman’s face. Hongbin scream again and cover his face.
Honbin is crying. Leo appear behind Hongbin.

 N :
He also couldn’t bear the tragedy.
He also made a new personality.

Hyuk look at Hongbin and Leo weakly. Hongbin look up Leo.

N :
And he decided..

Leo killed Hongbin.

 N :
To kill everyone.

Hongbin smile and die.
Hyuk is surprised. Leo stick a knife in Hyuk. Hyuk down on the ground.
Hyuk look at Leo kill himself. Hyuk tried to touch Leo.

 N :
He got a guilty that he couldn’t face to face with the tragedy.

Hyuk can’t touch Leo. N and Ravi appear behind Hyuk.

 N :
So before he died, he made us.

N and Ravi take Hyuk’s hand gently.
N’s face. (focus)

 N :
I was born as a guide to the past memory, and take him to you to tell about promise.

Ravi’s face (focus)

N :
And then that “he” was born as a calmy watchman to memory everything,
and as a link of you and another “you” at right time.

Hyuk smile and die.

EXT. Street-Night

N hold Ken’s hand. They stand on the street. They look at each other.

 N :
That’s the everything. I can do only this. It’s up to you from now.

N look at Leo. Ken also look at Leo.

 N :
He has the key to the past, and you have the key for the future.

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