6. Saturday : All in one

Ext. Steret-Night

Junhoe look at everyone on the street.

 Junhoe :
e.. everyone was me….the real start of this world is me…

Junhoe look at Jinhwan and Jiwon. Jiwon keep stopping Jinhwan.

 Junhoe :
How…should I do..?

Jiwon :
Do not stop! Think and move.

Junhoe :
but.. but I…,

Jiwon point to Chanwoo with his chin.

 Jiwon :
He said that you have only one thing!

Junhoe :

Jiwon :

Junhoe :
but.. i just.. watch…
I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t live for the future. And I couldn’t kill myself…
I just left everything to them. And I just watched…! What can I do!?

Jiwon :
No one could help her.
And you decided to kill yourself,
you did product a personality of this man
(Jinhwan) for the first time,
not him (Chanwoo).

Junhoe :
I …

Jiwon :
You just need a time to prepare for a while,
and just cut off everything.

Junhoe :

Junhoe walk to three people (Chanwoo, Yunhyeong and a woman) slowly.
Chanwoo and Yunhyeong is taking woman’s hand.
Junhoe look at broken flower balls.

 Junhoe :
Everything must have a meaning to happen…

Junhoe’s tear drop.

 Junhoe :
I can’t find something from your death yet…

Junhoe look at Jinhwan. Jinhwan stare at Junhoe.

 Junhoe :
But I have to keep a promise, right?

Junhoe smile a little, and walk to Jinhwan.
Junhoe hand a flower ball box to Jinhwan’s hand. Knife dropped from Jinhwan’s hand.

 Junhoe :
You go with me.

Jinhwan look at a flower box.
Junhoe touch the flower ball box.

 Junhoe :
Everyone go together.
Feel everything together from now.

Jinhwan’s tear drop.

♪6.  (Junhoe, Jinhwan, Jiwon)

EXT. Street-Night

Junhoe’s profile. Junhoe look at Jinhwan. Junhoe hold Jinhwan’s hands gently.
Everyone is enveloped in light grain little by little.
Donghyuk and Jiwon are looking that light grain rising from themselves.
Junhoe smile softly. Jinhwan raise his face.
Jinhwan’s profile. Jinhwan look at Junhoe.
A woman and broken balls disappear slowly.
Chanwoo and Yunhyeong’s pain are healed slowly.
Chanwoo and Yunhyeong open their eyes slowly.
Jiwon touch Junhoe and Jinhwan gently.
Chanwoo and Yunhyeong get up slowly,
Donghyuk and Chanwoo and Yunhyeong come to a flower ball.
They look at each other with soft smile.
Junhoe’s profile. Jinhwan’s profile. They look at each other.

6. -end-

EXT. Street-In white light

All men gathered around the flower ball box. Junhoe look around them.

 Junhoe :
We go together.

Men agree with smile.

♪7.♪ Almost blue Monday (all)

EXT. Street-In white light

All men stands around the flower ball box. They touch the box.
They look at each other with smile. They all are enveloped with light grain.
Chanwoo smile and disappear with light grain.
Yunhyeong smile and disappear with light grain.
Jiwon smile and disappear with light grain.
Donghyuk smile and disappear with light grain.
Jinhwan smile and disappear with light grain.
Junhoe smile and disappear with light grain.

7. -end-

INT. Hospital-In white light

Junhoe wake up in the bed, and get up slowly. He smile.

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